Petr Nikolaev – Director

Petr Nikolaev – režisér filmu Cyril a Metoděj – Apoštolové Slovanů
  • 2011 Lidice (Film)
  • 2010 Klub osamělých srdcí (TV film)
  • 2009 Jménem krále (“In the Name of the King”, film)
  • 2009 Proč bychom se netopili (TV series)
  • 2007 ...a bude hůř (“It’s Gonna Get Worse”, film)
  • 2006–2007 Eden (TV series)
  • 2005 Kousek nebe (Film)
  • 2002 Černá slečna slečna Černá (TV film)
  • 2001 Vlci ve městě (TV film)
  • 2001 Chaos (TV document)
  • 1997 Báječná léta pod psa (Film)
  • 1994 Měsíční údolí (Film)

He was born on May 1st 1957 in Prague He graduated at high school and later at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). It was already during his studies that his work drew attention, this especially including the films Schopen – odveden (1979) and Praga caput regni (1980). Nikolaev’s school projects, whose non-conformity and liberal views earned him conditional exclusion at that time, were awarded the very first Maxim Prize (award for the best student work) in the faculty’s history. After graduation he went to France where he spent nearly nine years. Initially, he earned his living as an ice-cream vendor, billposter, house painter and babysitter. Later he directed educational programs and worked as a lecturer at the private ESRA Film School (1988-1992). Since 1992 he has lived in Prague. As an Assistant Director, he worked on French films which were shot in the Czech Republic. In 1997, he made his debut by the successful adaptation of Michal Viewegh’s literary bestseller, Báječná léta pod psa.

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