Miroslav Oščatka – Screenwriter

Miroslav Oščatka – scénárista filmu Cyril a Metoděj – Apoštolové Slovanů

  • 2012 Příběh kmotra (Screenplay)
  • 2011+ Cyril and Methodius (Screenplay)
  • 2011 Boží mlýny (Screenplay)
  • 2010 Vánočník a pekelníci (Screenplay)
  • 2010 Vodník a Karolínka (Screenplay)
  • 2010 3 PLUS 1 with Miroslav Donutil (Screenplay)
  • 2010 Loci mamutů (“The Mammoth Hunters”, screenplay)

He studied theatre direction under the supervision of Professor Peter Scherhaufer, later he graduated in radio and television dramaturgy and screenwriting at the Faculty of Theatre of The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (JAMU) under the supervision of Professor Antonín Přidal. The Polárka Theatre presented a total of 52 mise-en-scenes under his direction, of which 45 were the world’s brand new performances, and in 2001 and 2002 was nominated the Theatre of the Year. Oščatka also worked as the Chief Script Editor at Klicpera Theatre in Hradec Králové and at present we can find him in Brno where he acts as a Script Editor at The Goose on a String Theatre. Since 2008, he has been also cooperating with the Czech Television as a freelance script writer – for example, he is the author of the screenplay of the popular series 3 PLUS 1 with Miroslav Donutil, etc.

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