Cyril and Methodius TOP TEN

  1. It brings a narrative and objective rendering of a theme that is, from the historical and religious point of view, very sensitive, and finds an ecumenical balance with the active participation of both Churches that represent more than 1350 million believers.
  2. Led by the acclaimed director Petr Nikolaev, the project is delivered by an experienced team that has worked on dozens of similar projects.
  3. This Czech-Slovak project is conceived as Pan-European and takes into account also the historical facts and events that have relevance for other nations, including the Poles, Russians, Macedonians, Serbs, Greeks, etc. The project was also presented to “His All Holiness” Bartholomew (Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch, the presiding Archbishop of the World Orthodox Church) and received a positive response.
  4. The project brings to the Czech-Slovak screens the world’s renowned and modern format, in the style and quality of international productions such as BBC, ZDF etc.
  5. It is backed up by prominent figures of social and political life.
  6. It is the first Czech-Slovak project of its kind that maps, in an unbiased way, one of the crucial moments of our shared history and reminds us of how close, literally “blood related” our nations are.
  7. Quality is guaranteed by a specially made expert team that consists of historians and church representatives from both countries:
    • Prof. PhDr. Petr Piťha, CSc.
      (Minister of Education (1992 – 1994), awarded with the Medal for merits in science and education, Jan Amos Comenius Medal – UNESCO and New Europe Price, Prize of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Memorial Medal of the Charles University)
    • PhDr., Dr.h.c. Vladimír Vavřínek, CSc.
      (World’s elite specialist in Byzantine studies, Academy of Sciences)
    • Prof. PhDr. Tatiana Štefanovičová, CSc.
      (Leading Slovak archaeologist – was awarded with 2nd Class Pribina Cross)
    • PhDr. Matej Ruttkay, CSc.
      (Archaeologist, Director of The Institute of Archaeology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Nitra)
    • Doc. PhDr. Luděk Galuška, CSc.
      (Archaeologist – Moravian Museum, specialist in Great Moravia)
    • Doc. Mgr. Jaroslav Šebek, Ph.D.
      (Academy of Sciences – leading historian, secretary of the Czech section of The Czech-Austrian Commission of Historians)
    • Mgr. Walerian Bugel, dr.
      (Assistant Professor at Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Palacký University. He specializes in the diversity of Christian traditions, interfaith dialogue, anthropological theories of celebration and social work in multicultural society)
    • Mgr. Eduard Neupauer, Ph. D. (Byzantologist)
      (Assistant Professor at Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Department of Philosophy, University of West Bohemia)
  8. The project is linked to other events of the social, cultural, religious and political life, e.g. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Culture, Weligrad … and is the main media project of the 1150th anniversary –
  9. We deal not only with the legacy of Cyril and Methodius, but we also seek to find the political and religious context and try to clarify to the viewers the characters’ traits and motives for their deeds.
  10. We map the entire lives of Cyril and Methodius from their childhood until their death and legacy.

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