About the Project

Saint Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius were two Byzantine brothers born in the 9th century who became prominent Christian missionaries. Their mission influenced the cultural development of all Slavic nations, for which they are called the apostles of the Slavs. They stood at the birth of the Glagolitic script, the first Slavic alphabet used for the translation of the Old Testament, and in the Orthodox Church they are venerated as saints and were given the title “Equal-to-the saints”. The Pope Leo XIII included their feast day into the Roman-Catholic calendar and Pope John Paul II proclaimed them the Saint Co-Patrons of Europe.

In 2013, the entire Christian Europe will commemorate the 1150th anniversary of their legacy. To remember this important event, a feature document series is made (the so-called docudrama) which sets a task no less important than to trace their lives and work. The unique nature and relevance of this project lies not only in its concept, which – in terms of its scope and format – is unseen in the Czech Republic, but mainly in the cooperation between the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches, which from the historical and ecumenical point of view is absolutely crucial and was hardly imaginable in the earlier times. Without this cooperation, we could hardly speak of a correct and objective view of this important social and cultural issue. This is also affirmed by the fact that the project auspices were personally held by the Heads of both churches, Cardinal Dominik Duka (Archbishop of Prague) and Kryštof/Christopher, Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and in Slovakia.

From the very outset, docudrama Cyril and Methodius has been intended for a wider cooperation with major public as well as private institutions and its crossover is not only artistic but also educational, which is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The project was also selected for the Mediterranean Coproduction Forum in Bari, Italy, where it met with a warm welcome at the international level and gained support from MEDIA Development ((in cooperation with ALEF Film & Media (Slovakia) and A Atalanta (Slovenia)). Cyril and Methodius – The Apostles of the Slavs is also the pivotal project of the nation-wide celebrations to remember the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Methodius – Cyril and Methodius 2013 – 1150 years of culture and education.

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