Wallich Residence – Unit Sold $3,832 psf

Sales at Wallich Residence at Tanjong Pagar Centre have actually picked up pace in March. Thus far this month, 4 units were sold at the ultra-luxury condo perched on top of the 38-storey Guoco Tower at GuocoLand's $3.2 billion Tanjong Pagar Centre incorporated growth, which is linked underground to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It is not just the 614 sq ft, one-bedroom units that discovered purchasers, however the bigger units on the higher floorings as well. As a matter of fact, the greatest psf rate attained up until now this year– $3,832 psf– was for the 1,722 sq feet, three-bedroom unit on the 57th flooring, which brought $6.6 million. In the most up to date purchase, a one-bedroom unit on the 48th flooring was cost $2.26 million ($3,677 psf), according to a caveat lodged on March 16. Rising 290m at its pinnacle, Wallich Residence is Singapore's highest tower. The 181 units, which are a mix of one to four-bedroom kinds in addition to penthouses, extend the 39th to 64th floorings. Prices resemble they are inching their method towards the $4,000 psf limit. That was the cost achieved for a 958 sq ft, two-bedroom unit on the 55th floor; it was sold for $3.83 million last November. It is the highest possible psf rate achieved at Wallich Residence so far and has actually set a new cost criteria for the CBD area.

Nearby, a 958 sq feet, three-bedroom unit on the 70th floor of Skysuites @ Anson was sold for $2.23 million ($2,328 psf). The 360-unit, 99-year leasehold condominium was developed by Allgreen Features and also completed in 2014. At the freshly finished Marina One Residences, which belongs to an incorporated development by M+S, a joint endeavor between Malaysia's Khazanah Nasional as well as Singapore's Temasek Holdings, a 1,518 sq ft, three -bed room unit on the sixth flooring brought $3.55 million ($2,341 psf). Wallich Residence at Tanjong Pagar Centre is not the only high-end advancement where costs are reaching their all-time highs. At Ardmore Park apartment, a 2,885 sq ft, four-bedroom unit on the 17th floor of among the 3 33-storey towers recently changed hands for $10.4 million ($3,605 psf). It last changed hands at the optimal of the residential property boom in August 2007 for $8.2 million ($2,843 psf), according to a caution lodged after that.

How to Get The Best Rental Apartment

Whether you are thinking about domestic or international rentals, there is much to be said for choosing the right location for the best rental experience. Looking at your choices, you might be automatically attracted to the rental location that seems to offer you the best offer, however, you will often find that what looks like a deal in advance does not change into one on completion. Actually, a lot of your rental experience is actually related to the rental location you choose.

Those located in big cities usually offer the best deals. Locations located in small cities can cost more because often they are only one of two locations so there is not much room for people to shop with other companies. You can explore this link https://420kent.com/amenities/ to find the best apartments for your luxury stay. 

Choosing an airport location is never recommended unless you will have a long trip from the airport to your actual destination city. The airport location uses a lot of additional costs which help fund not only the airport itself but also many other events and activities throughout the region.

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The government can add anything to the cost of renting a vehicle so it is important not only to go around but also to find out about additional taxes and additional costs that you will incur in each location.

What should you do when you Feel You Are Under the Asbestos Exposure?


There are times where you may have been a victim to asbestos exposure. During such an event, it is important to recall the entire event from the beginning. For example; you need to consider about the duration, level of asbestos that may have entered your system. However, one shouldn’t take it lightly when it comes to being exposed to asbestos for a longer period of time. These are a few things one should do if they are exposed to asbestos.

  1. Quit Smoking – IF you’re an occasional or regular smoker, then you should immediately try to quit completely. According to recent studies, experts have proven that the chances of getting lung related disease slows down when you quit smoking.
  2. Visit your Doctor –It is important to go for regular check-ups for getting treatment from your doctor. CT scans, lung function test, chest x-rays are some of the tests your doctor will recommend you to do. The presence of asbestos may not be revealed from these test, however, your doctor can come to know whether you are facing any problems related to cancer.
  3. Other Reasons to Visit your Doctor –Breathing difficulty, blood while coughing, chest pains, trouble while swallowing, chest feeling tight etc are some of the most dangerous symptoms where visiting the doctor is a must. You may also want to get vaccinated related to pneumonia and other diseases from your doctor.

Since exposing to asbestos has no proper solution, in areas such as Australia’s Newcastle, asbestos removal has become mandatory.